We Are Too Good Together To Be Together: The Cookie crumbles

Sean saw no reason for apologies  for  hitting  on a girl in her presence.In her dad’s house. The other girl,  her cousin.

As things stood ,she hit on him.He was the victim. He reasoned. In a rather shallow manner.

Carole knew no  amends. In her world, whether wrong or wronged,she was right. Always. Beauty and brains give you such rights.Only one thing worried her.The night seemed too long to end.She had made several visits to the bathroom,not only to wash her face  but once or twice to throw up.

Trudy loved Carole more like a sister than a friend. She was also jealous. Being Carole’s friend relegated you to the shadows. Besides, the boy was fun. If she had to live  with a  boyfriend- snatcher tag, she could as well earn it.cookie

It was with these thoughts making the rounds that Carole took her Aunt’s offer to holiday in Dar. The coast.The sand.The allure.

She was to return four months later-without planning or announcement.Having lost her baby.His baby. Emotions in turmoil. She had all through managed to keep both her destination and condition secret.

It now all seemed that in gelling so well together,they lost themselves individually. Therefore much as their union  brought out the best in each,it also mirrored the worst in each,sadly through the other,now in double quantities. Instead of love,everyone aimed to hurt,without thought.

The sex was great,even sore,but just as the tingling wore off,the aches softened and more desire coursed through the  veins once again.It came with fierce demons,whose fire was announced with yet more intense love making ,and cursing and fighting. There in lay the first cracks.

Sean,frustrated, could hardly work for the first month. He had called,texted, e-mailed and visited. No news of her whereabouts. It seemed no,one including her cousin and brother wanted to tell him  where she was.

Trudy, on her part, was not proud of her actions at the party.But what was a girl to do! It wasn’t that she had forced anyone to her derriere,however irresistible men found it. It wasn’t her fault. Her sweater in Sean’s car then gave her reason to call him up and promise to pick it up,later,at his place.

It had been months and Carole refused to take or return her calls.

So one thing led to another.Hot abs and bosom meeting for frequent coffees,then walks, then sex.

Carole rapped the door had.For the third time.  It opened a chink,then wider.The face that welcomed her was first of surprise,then shock, then anger. He was shirtless. He stepped away from the door. Their eyes met. She,all emaciated and sweaty,her all oily and toweled,shoulders bare. Carole and Trudy.

She fainted.


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