A Flight Into The New Year:If You Think Iam Making This Up,Change Your Drink

You don’t just walk into the new year.Even amble into it .You have to do it  with class.Like take a flight into the new year. Yes,I said class,and what you drink tells a lot about you …and the company you keep.

In 2012 , Heineken  in Uganda planned a party,nay flight into the neighboring year. Set off was at 8.00 pm.New years take some flying to. We would disembark the other side in 2013. But don’t worry,you will be well taken care of. The invite said.And they did,Heineken welcomed you at the gate,serving pretty,smiling beauties. No. Wait. I mixed that up.

With  drinks all taken care of,music checked and trays of eats making the  rounds,I wouldn’t have cared for a long flight.  But 2013 was soon upon us and allwe could do is dance,welcome the year and  toast to it. Did I say the take of party was at  the classy Seventeen Apartments in Kololo? Now I have .

Heineken party

Heineken frequent flyers

So before fireworks there was the lovely performances;the MITH rapping and Lilian soulfully singing and yet more beer.

It’s a flight you want to take regularly,so if for some reason you missed this,Heineken has made a home in Uganda.Talk to your favorite barman. Surely 2013 can only get better.

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