Two Pigs!

Two Pigs!.

Hygiene is the last thing I will envy a pig for. I know where they play.In the sty.

I have shaken hands,um hooves with pigs once,and you can guess how I came out of it. Stinking.

You see,by nature pigs may appear friendly,but the are dirty,even when they play,they will only roll you in the mud,and their hooves are spiky,whatever intentions they will only tuck you harder in more muck,full of their waste.

I am done with these two. I have since realized  their minds and intentions  stink too. But I have walked away before,and spent alot of time cleaning up.Despite the  short encounter.

You may call on on  me now. Sing all you like. What comes out is a grunt. I wont play. You smell the same. Dirty.

You can justify how good you can be.You make pork and bacon.Yeah.

When you are dead.

So this is what I give you,the finger. It signifies bye.I learn fast.
You are who you are. Pigs.

Go write another letter to the Board.Pig!


About njukimoments

Sharing experiences whenever they happen. Sit. Let me tell you a story.
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