Premiering SKYFALL with two years in blogosphere

This post comes to you several weeks late.Anniversary blues and all.

But by now you must have realized that SKYFALL, the new James Bond movie is showing in a cinema near you.

Look out for her. Good with target.

I attended the premiere with more reasons of my own. It coincided with this blog’s second anniversary,and the first commission to promote something-blog related,with more than beer for pay, that is.

The Heineken and Cineplex teams made sure every one had a great time.As soon one walked into the green dome, there were no less than,well, many girls smiling.

This conversation took place that night:

Hey,great to see you.

(Really? She knows me?)

Would you like a beer? Heineken?

How could I say No?

Kindly get your picture taken,settle in and I will let you know when the movie is set to start.

(Huh! They get this good!)

And please remember to switch off your mobile phone,inside the cinema. (Glittering teeth.)

Can I leave it here with you? I can then pick it up later…

He he.You are funny. Enjoy your movie.

Hint,hint.I only eavesdropped because I was in line.

Someone must have been getting in character,Just like the 50 year -old franchise lead character James Bond is not known for many things;he kills really well and he is smooth like that.

Now,I came across this story from Forbes,detailing just how you -mere mortals -can learn to work like Bond.I picked out a few.

Don’t Bother Giving Motivational Speeches –Who needs motivational speeches when there is action. Just do it.People,and dogs can smell confidence from a mile away.Have it and they will follow without question.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go It Alone  – Not a team player? Who cares. As long as you get the results delivered. Have you ever heard of a James Bond Strike Team? Any more questions?

And the killer tip:Master a Few Skills and Be Passable at Everything Else – “Bond isn’t known for being a gifted musician, artist, or businessperson. He’s a master at just two things: killing and wooing. That’s it.” Get known as a consultant in a few key things,and learn your way as you go. Connect the dots, backwards if you may, as the journey continues.


Of course the story goes on for quite  a bit.What got me talking after  watching the movie is that Uganda gets mentioned-with stealing elections-in the same breath. As if Kony and Idi Amin have not made us famous enough.

But that is SKYFALL.
November marked my second year in blogosphere,and boy oh boy has it been a ride!
I will take some time later,after cake, to write you a full post.

For now,Go watch the movie.It is a great movie.Drink Heineken,the new girl on the block.You know how cool girls be. And do visit here once in a while,and leave a comment. We are on twitter.Follow. Do tweet a story every now and then and keep the conversation going.

We be growing

Two years later.Grab a piece.


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