007,breeze and froth

The boat bobbed gently in the evening breeze, like it was getting in step to the music. It  may have been hard to differentiate between a missed step due to the waves or the beer effect. The team had started a keen analysis of the brand yet to be launched, right after lunch,with bright eyes-slowly turning scarlet as the actual taste test got under way.

You can tell a great beer from the after-taste and the packaging-much better if you can carry it away- I mean the bottle not the after-taste-without having a burly bouncer block your progress with a heaving tree-like chest. That is why this boat ride gets maximum scores for their choice of bouncers,they were more gentle,easy on the eye,female and only blocked your progress with nice green six packs-with a sweet smile thrown in.

New breed of bouncers.

Steve,the mr-fix-it for this ride was all over,not the girls, but everyone, to answer any questions and make any arrangements for,well,arranged interviews. A few must have been turned down,if they were directed at the girls,till Juliana came over and the time was right.

By this time the boat has set off and everyone had chosen a nice corner,either due to the breeze or its nearness to the serving points.

The best crowd of scribes my as well be inebriated scribes,till you have to follow them up for a story the next day.But still,the fun follows right through into the main interview,which tends to be all businesslike-even on a boat. Given the environment,you  may have more questions about James Bond’s moves,like kicks per second on a good day- than expected queries about branding and performance or market strategy.

So you understand if I only get you a peek of what I remember. Juliana, Heineken Country Manager performed wonderfully. Aforementioned event on a boat was the launch of Heineken operations in Uganda-with a fully fledged Country office. You now know why Champion League parties are slated to get even better.

Uganda arguably has the youngest population in the world. So when those peeps grow up,they will want to drink-legally. That may explain Henieken’s official entry into a bar near you. They bring you quality in caps.

In other news,James Bond,the man himself made a sneaky entry.Don’t ask me how you sneak into a moving boat.He’s Bond after all. Now,you must know that Bond will be in your neighborhood before anywhere else on the 25th October 2012,to be precise as darkness falls. Be there.

Sneaky entry.


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