SKYFALL: This is James Bond. Do you want a piece of the adventure?

There are those people you have  always wanted to be like, or to put it better(in case you are female), men you want your guy to be like. Take your pick. Sometimes All the time,you   outgrow them,(or your guy never becomes like them,so you quit trying).

It is much harder though  when they are characters and not real people per se,you see,like James Bond. They always seem to come up with godlike James Bond guys-right ladies?

And have you ever realized how James Bond always has a hot girl in tow? Distracting ,yes. But not to the guys.

Can you  imagine how hard life can ne when your girl keeps nudging you to be like James Bond? Annoying ,right? Well ,unless you can study his moves. It’s an idea,right?

The beauty in all this  though is that the creators of such characters continue to feed our imagination with grown,now more modern creations of our desires or loathing depending on where you stand. And by keeping abreast of what the ‘new guy’ does makes us live that dream.Like we haven’t lost the ability to be like him anyway,see he is still there,and the women have more reason to demand for impossible feats from their men just like James Bond.

If you haven’t followed closely thus far,you may be beyond help. Wait,there just could be a solution yet. Men first:Since your woman will compare you to James Bond anyway,be prepared.Study the guy.That means,go watch the movie. Study the competition. You just may find a  way to come up on top.

Women next: Take your guy to watch the movie,so he can catch up fast when your craving for real men hits.Like anything is real these  days!

Now that we are on the same page. Let me let you in on a secret. Pay attention: This girl will be there.

But I can kick a** too

Since every Bond has a Bondess,the current Bond(Daniel Craig )stars alongside Bondess(Bérénice Marlohe)-above- in a new adventure(not movies like those others) SKYFALL,the 23rd James Bond movie.

Now to spice things up,cool beer makers Heineken, will  bring you  SKYFALL. Just imagine,beer and James Bond.

Just to whet your appetite, Daniel Craig,remember his name from above?) will  bring his explosive game on  as   James Bond to a Heineken ad for the very first time,ofcourse with his Bondess- the stunning Bérénice Marlohe in tow.

Heineken,the beer , will bring you the real thing  on  October 25 at Cineplex  Oasis Mall in Uganda , a week ahead of the global release. That there is reason to go brag on your friends. Mark the date.

It even gets better.During the campaign, Heineken consumers  have the opportunity to win exclusive premiere tickets by participating in activations at various selected nightlife outlets and on Now put your facebook account to good use.





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