Pick a hobby,any really.

Hobby away

When I started active writing three years ago, I had no specific goal other than pass some time,use some of the words I had collected in my vocabulary over time. I was under employed at the time,so leisure writing seemed like a good hobby. I had no expectations and I decided to stir myself up from the barrel -bottom;see what comes out. Find what skills were lying idle inside of me that I could develop. Three came up. Photography,music and writing. Don’t laugh,you silly,not singing per se but writing  music and maybe producing some. I have a good ear. True story.
Writing took center stage because it required fewer resources than any of the other two. I just needed to start. Facebook notes and blog spot provided me with my first platform,till The Daily Monitor picked my work up.
A lot of the people who knew me before seem to think I committed entrepreneurial suicide once again. I didn’t. Iam much wiser now. When you lose a childhood business,get a job and then leave it  to rebuild your dream business,however it progresses, you are much wiser.
Writing has turned out to be better than I imagined. A doctor friend of mine,who writes actually tried to prepare me for it. He shared just how with some effort at research and writing he has been offered a world only reserved for older more experienced doctors. He predicted that something big will happen out of my writing someday.Iam still waiting for a house in Kololo.

This is a post that would normally appear here,but my blogspot has gone all weird on me lumping full posts together without any paragraphs like a heap of matooke.
For me, a hobby should provide satisfaction either mentally,physically or financially. I have got a few millions out of mine so far and Iam settling in.And it keeps awake several nights trying to commit that intro to memory,or else I might lose it. Imagining which directional light may give a better picture. And oh,i have a song written already.Iam just taking my time choosing who can sing it the way I dreamt- perferctly.
When I told a colleague recently that  I had just received my first formal writing or journalism training a few months ago he was appalled as if suggesting, How could I-all this time? I had just completed a  Reuters conducted training at ACME on Financial and Economic reporting and I swear he would have gone back to review all my print and television stories. But I will tell you something ;when you love something you self train even without noticing.
There is someone Iam badgering to get more serious about comedy,if that is possible. He hesitates and I insist, throwing  not so subtle reminders every time I find something comically serious. He promises yet again to follow up his talent soon in a big way. He says he has a killer scrip written up,just wait and see. Chris Rock will have real competition soon.
When I had a discussion about my seemingly  second entrepreneurial suicide I told my colleague I have a better eye now and I don’t do things blindly anymore. I make some money out of my hobbies or I get some leverage off them for my other ventures. I pick out something.
You should too, if you have some lingering skill or talent that can easily grow.
Push it as far as it can go,see what happens. Don’t spend all you have on an idea before determining viability. But hobbies being what they are you will certainly make sacrifices. But the only regrets you will have are to never have chased your dream not how it swings when you do. So pick a hobby,any really,after all we are all heavenly gifted. Put your talent to use.
Why do I tell you this? Because school education is overrated.You can perfect something you have no school education about. And it is good feeling to earn an income from more than one source.


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