We are too good together to be together: Sex and other intoxicants

She loved boys. Especially free spirited boys. They made dating fun.She had a few rules too. A girl like her could afford to nit pick. She attracted them in droves. Boys and men. Dudes and wimps. So she created rules. Number one were abs,in packs of six. Men needed to be responsible. One did not have to drink like beer was going out of fashion. There is a reason there are gyms.

Equally important was  sex. What use are boys if  sex is lousy. Despite her selective selection,she went through men fast,like a knife through cheese,possibly due to her blessing of a drive. Not that she was a snob. She was a good girl,friendly and nice,but didn’t suffer fools gladly. So Intellect was the third.


Now,stretching out on the big bed, Carole propped up her nude frame with a pillow,a sign she wanted to talk. A faint smile played on her lips. Not of amusement, you just didn’t know  with this guy. He could be the charmer and ass rolled into one. But he made her happy,and that is what mattered for now.

They had spent the night dancing and drinking. Switching between nightclubs and bars. He had teased her about the kind of drunken guys she attracted, saying at one point that  if she were a hooker she would  be the trench type. At which point she had slapped him hard. He had emptied his drink on an inebriated girl in a  mismatched skirt and leggings whose shrieks had got  him thrown out of the joint. She had left with him,returning two hours later and the  the same clueless burly bouncer who had thrown him out now  ushered them into the VIP wing.
She had teased him too about his dancing too. Adding she would  bet he was never in any school choir. That was true and he had retorted he reserved his moves for better places,at which point she had straddled him on that tiny bar stool he almost fell backwards.

His first shocker of the night is when she lit up. In her defense she said she only smoked when drunk. It kept her spirits high,she said. He hated cigarette smoke.He had slapped a girl before when with drunken friendliness she had blown a mouthful of smoke in his face. Her fang-like talons left an indelible scar on his cheek. He had to negotiate over a bump every time he shaved. For some reason, he let this one  puff away.
They had retired at first light. High in spirits and liqueur. For Sean’s famed early home returns, this was a first.

Now reclining in his large bed,she tried to get him talking. He had other things on his mind.
“Go slow lover boy. I am not about to expire. I am right here.” That in response to his look amusingly crafted to be painful. Let us say he was not up to talking yet.

“Aaaaaah.” He answered unintelligibly.
“Hey come on,be a sport. Come here.”She said,tapping the space besides her.
“So,we haven’t got to it these past weeks. Any stray girlfriends l should know of?”               “Is that your way of asking whether we are exclusive? ”                                                     “Bright boy. Now answer the question.”                                                                                          “I have a girlfriend.” He said without elaborating.

Her nostrils flared. She deliberately massaged the nape of her neck. She was getting angry, and she was never pretty angry.                                                                                               “What did you say?” She angrily asked. The question was rhetorical. She had perfectly heard him. She now got out of bed, leaving all covers in her wake. The natural afternoon light filtered through the transparent curtains. It bathed her nude body, further showing off her well sculptured body. She paced for a while, frantically combing her braids with her long fingers.
He straightened his torso against the headboard and studied her,an amused look on his face.
“I have only one girlfriend.” He said deliberately. “A very nice girl,and she is a fighter…” “Oh are you threatening me now? Are you saying these two weeks l have meant nothing to you?”                                                                                                                                                   That annoying smile spreading across his face,he completed his sentecne,ever so deliberate. “…and she is right here with me.”
Carole stopped pacing mid-step.She now studied him. He had started enjoying her nude  strut. She was something. With the same gait,she picked up a half  bottle of whiskey  from the dressing table and took a swig. She held the longish bottle more like a weapon  than a beverage. She slowly,deliberately approached the bed,her face now expressionless except for the scowl left by the whiskey swig.
But just as she was getting to the bed,she stared  emptily into the ceiling,her pink tongue tapping the roof of her mouth.
“Aaaaarrgh! You bastard. You piece of unmentionables. For a moment you got me thinking of breaking your skull. You are enjoying seeing me angry,ha!!”
“Actually, I was enjoying the catwalk. Even the best of them now stop at swim wear,not this.” Indicating her full nude body.                                                                                       Almost ashamed at her slow catch up on his practical joke, she placed the bottle on the floor and dove into the sheets,head first,inside the tent like protrusion created by  his bent legs.

An uncontrollable  loud shriek escaped him. Some birds fluttered and flew off a nearby tree.


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4 Responses to We are too good together to be together: Sex and other intoxicants

  1. jingo allan says:

    hmmm emma, i can recall a few personal moments when i have such chats, i like this approach you deliver… give us more blogs. such moments are momentous of any relationship

  2. Nelly Ashiono says:

    Interesting where is part 2 Emma

  3. Nicholas says:

    what a master piece great writting Emma

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