Plates are for food…

Avoid this.


You there at the back. I can hear you say…ssha. Him olaba he has no reason to go to the kitchen, now he lectures us on what not to do. Let me tell you something. You will be wiser reading this post. It is written with you in mind-for your good I mean.

If you use restaurants for your daily meals for example, always eat from the newly established ones. Not only do they have a lot more to prove they are also fairly competitive in pricing…but that is the wrong word, they are cheaper. Of course if you follow the trend as I do, eer DID, you will realize you have eaten a lot of them out of business, you can’t blame a guy for being supportive.

Moving on. Plates are for food and eggs and fries are not (food, I mean).Eat them from their wrapping. It saves you water, electricity and garbage disposal money. Keep your plates for Sundays and when you have female company.

That is some blast from the past.

Let tell you a story: Come closer, you.

A long time ago, those days before we grew up and got married and had children and we couldn’t do stupid boyish things anymore-because they can see us and they say things like “Yii Daddy! Even you can do such things? I have hahad- I used to be single.

So this advice comes in with loads of experience; been there done that.

1. Eat from new restaurants. Cutlery is new and waitresses can still afford a smile. You can even ask for more soup to finish your meat-in keeping with popular Ugandan speak.

2. Rent your house-(real name, bed sitter) in a self contained neighborhood. Meaning: Near the taxi or more recently Pioneer bus stage. There will be late mornings and early nights when you are broke, car or no car. In keeping with the spirit, a self contained neighborhood is one with a 24 hour Rolex stand, a bodaboda stage, clinic for panadol and sometimes male contraceptives and a bar. The last two are very essential since you will need them often-for health reasons. This takes me to the next point.

3. Be friendly to the proprietors of the above neighborhood joints. There will be days when you are broke but in need. They will extend credit your way.

But we were talking about plates. Melamine and China need not be in your vocabulary. If you know them it was not by your own making. Some one happened to your life. Welcome them. They come to put your life in order. Besides there will be a time when all the new restaurants and the rolex stands have closed and you need home cooked food.

Disclaimer: All places and actions mentioned here are a figment of the writers imagination and do not relate to actions carried out or thought of doing. They belong to the past.





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Sharing experiences whenever they happen. Sit. Let me tell you a story.
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2 Responses to Plates are for food…

  1. Kui says:

    Interesting how in Uganda eggs and fries are on the same sentence!

  2. njukimoments says:

    Coz where a Roles stand is(eggs and chapati),there is normally a kalayi of fries getting ready. You may normally order for both.

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