Paying my tithe

For a while I blogged at That is where I cut my writing  teeth.That is where I took my baby steps. My challenge had always been how to be relevant.Which writer doesn’t! Much as I love business and live for business,I did not want to just write about business. Once in a while I would get wild thoughts and I would want to share them.Most of them would be  silly,corny sometimes- wolokosoish thoughts. So for a year or so I posted  at blog spot. Till one day when I decided to separate my two worlds,my two personalities, if you  may-so I came here to  share my not so  business self.

I still blog there,but it is simply business,although even that is delivered there with a pinch of salt, with mild humor and with as few graphs are possible. He he.

So when I started blogging here,I was faced with an immediate problem. I had to coustomise my blog,something I didn’t ever require to do before. I chose some custom pictures,but they didn’t have the allure. I wanted to capture some talent,art,skill,sophistication, in that picture that defines this blog.

So what did I do? I had a brain wave one night when I was sleeping. A voice came  to me,it sounded like God’s voice,booming and you know God-ish.  And the voice said to me:

  • Njuki-(yes God knows my name.)I roll like that.
  • Yeah.Who art thou disturbeth my sleep? I asked
  • I bring you great insight,great knowledge.
  • What  is that which  thou speketh of?
  • Njuki. (The voice believed to be God’s boomed.)
  • Stranger?
  • You are about to change the world. You are the chosen one.
  • Is that Angel Gabriel?
  • Is Gabriel all you know?
  • Well… I am about to change the were saying…
  • I am here to godly bring unto you wisdom,wisdom to customise your blog.It will be awesome and beautiful,even if it will not be personalised given as it is that you don’t want to pay any money to that end…
  • Your point being?  I quipped. Yes .I am cocky like that even in my  holy dreams.

Then the holy dream board meeting with God-or -whoever-he-sent-who-sounded-like him was.

A flurry of activity ensued. Auditions were held. Models were cast.Photographers’ catalogs were painstakingly studeid.People came from wherever.Some took ships and boats and dhows. To come and attend the auditions.Their cargo was loaded and unloaded  for days. It took alot of time.A lot of money. I tell you ,alot of brain activity even. And that is very expensive.

At the end of what seemed like ages,and could possibly have been months or even years,a winner was born…um sorry was chosen.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Boys and girls. Drum rolls.

The winner is… No ,wait. That already happened. You,folks are just listening to the story.

So.More money was budgeted for,the crew and a bevy of leggy models were shipped off to an exotic location where numerous pictures were taken on end.

At the end of a tedious experience,once again,and consultation with my heavenly friend,we arrived at a winner,yet again.And ladies and gentlemen,the winning picture is -what you are looking at right there. Can you see? Of course you can.

Okay the truth is a little different.The picture which welcomes you to this blog was taken by Henry.Henry is an architect and he takes awesome pictures.  When I saw  that picture,I wanted it.But I didn’t have use for it other that just admiring the artistry and the moon, I think. The girl  kissing the moon is—- (name with held on request).She is not a model,though  she should be. A lively nice girl,who effortlessly got into a role like she was made for just that moment. I don’t believe  she was even paid a penny for her pains.But I said no business on this blog. But she knows  I decided to hang her on my blog. The moon-well,the moon is the moon,he took a whole ship to attend that photo contest and he also had to first  like the girl kissing him.

So,if you ever need artistic photography,call Henry.You wont be sorry.Or if you ever wanted a great architectural job done.He is the man. He took that picture. He is genius. The girl,or model in this case,I don’t know what she does,oh no, I lie- she is into events management,yes,you can be pleasantly surprised by her work and her smile.

The location is the picturesques Sesse islands. If you haven’t visited those islands,shame on you. You still have a lot to discover.The beautiful part is they are over 85 islands so you can visit one each year and still have reason to come back the next year.The beauty is indescribable.

So I asked Henry if I can use that picture and his answer;’Kawa’.

Today I just wanted to pay my tithe for the people who make what we associate with ,even when they don’t know we may ever be captivated by it. To places like Uganda where magic happens every day but sadly passes us by alot of the time. Beauty lies at  the horizon every single day,be it the full moon or the glowing setting sun.Our people are as beautiful as the weather as the landscape.And sometimes all we need,is stop and breathe in the beauty-soak it in and be thankful.

Here is to beauty…and to those who bring it to life.


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Sharing experiences whenever they happen. Sit. Let me tell you a story.
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2 Responses to Paying my tithe

  1. fayth ariho says:

    loving this:-)

  2. Kakooza Henry says:

    Thank God for the natural Gold u have in yo head. Cheers man.

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