Make the most of it

the sky could be the fist step,not the limit

I have an uncanny habit of  giving what I didn’t think I had. In real life,it leads me into debt,in the creative world,it makes me live the life of a magician.

But life is not real.Don’t waste your time and your life defining it and moulding it into a definite shape.That is why they tell us ‘life is what you make it’;it is illusionist.

A few times in my life,life has handed me lemons,and I have had varying degrees of creation results;from pure crap to real sweet lemonade. But the times I have even  lost the lemon,it has not been easy especially on my family. A man with family needs a predictable life,call it security. But I decided not to take that road when I looked away when  a parmanent and pensionable job called,soon after graduation.

People who painstakingly plan may have it made,everything figured out,but there’s a lot of things out of  our control.You plan your bit and  the higher power disagrees.

That is why I believe in  miracles. In Philippians 4:13,St Paul speaks his faith: ‘I can do everything through him who gives me strength.’ And I know that is not just words,its life manifested in many lives including mine and I believe yours.

In my short life,I have been able to do thing which only existed in my imagination.I have done jobs  am not really qualified for in the actual sense of the word.I have traveled to places I only read about in books.I have created things  which are still dreams to a lot of people living and  working.I have made millions and lost millions.

I have always lived life  with the belief that God  provides and I should expect  the unexpected. He hasn’t disappointed. I have lived highs,real highs that make everyone green with envy and he has balanced them up with deep lows,you would hate my life if He passed them your way.

But they say life begins at 40.Next week I will be seven years away. So for those who thought I was your age,there! Ha ha.I know I am going to pay for this revelation.            May be it is why I am  doing some soul searching.Wondering which turns have I made that I should’t and which ones beg a second chance if it existed. I am pushing on doing what I believe I can do and getting blessed where God chooses to.

A while back I was interviewing a gentleman,well respected,good mannered,a simple man a rich entrepreneur. I asked him what his turning point in life was,expecting him to mention some life-changer deal or something.

When I passed my Primary Leaving Examinations,my life changed.I would not have been who Iam if I had failed that exam.

That set the pace for his life and all he has,being orphaned and all.So I asked him for  his parting shot. Something he would like to say at the end of the interview,anything,even un- related. He told me.

God can bless you beyond your wildest imaginations and dreams.Iam living proof of that.Work hard but trust in God.He is real.

To my dear Queen Bee and Bay Bees,I can only say, thanks to God for having  you  in my life. Everything else ceases to matter when you have beautiful people in  your life like I do.But it also reminds you that you need to cut down on the creative that doesn’t pay and mould and plan your life more.

I cannot promise fully that twenty years from now I won’t be in Brazil writing a book,or living on a Jamaican coast writing reggae lyrics,or even birthing  killer movie scripts in Hollywood,but I can at least promise deliberate scrutiny of whatever life throws my way and doing the best I  can with it.

That is a promise each and everyone owes to their loved ones. I know that a lot of us have untold stories which inspire,which make us cry,which they have never even thought of telling. Stories of struggle,miracles,conquests.

If you ever choose to share any of them,let me know.We could share right here.

But in whatever you do,just know that we weave our life,don’t settle for the normal,it never got anyone super normal status.Go with your gut.Ride against the wave,and what is the worst that could happen? Really? What?

The biggest regrets that we carry to our graves are not things we did which turned out badly,rather things we thought we ought to have done but never did.


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