A year in blogosphere

A year ago,November 4th to be exact,I wrote my first blog post.

That is not entirely accurate. Let me give it another go.

A year ago,November 4th to be exact,I posted my first piece on this blog.I had written some of the articles as far back as 2008.
But when I shared that first piece on face book,and then here,it opened up doors I had never thought existed.

Most important for me,I started writing.
It has been one year since and I have unfortunately been posting less and less often,ironically,because I now write more,in other places.

My business articles,and recently a few of my Social pieces have been published by The Daily Monitor,and I have also moved direction into more formal business writing both for The Daily Monitor and the CEO Magazine,the nature of which I do not post here.It would bore you to death.

It has been an interesting year,with interesting reviews about my writing,and I am glad I started.
Thanks everyone who has taken time to read,get into my soul or even commented here or shared when we met. It has been heart warming.

The way things seem,I may not just write for leisure for long(true I have been paid for some of the articles published)but there seems to be a point in future when I may write more in other places than here.

But I will continue my posts here,though I need more discipline, to be more regular.
For now,I will just continue writing,hoping that you continue reading and see where the future takes us.

Thanks for reading.


About njukimoments

Sharing experiences whenever they happen. Sit. Let me tell you a story.
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