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Au revoir

Yesterday,Tuesday 28 June 2011,I waved goodbye to Rotaract,a home I have had for the past decade or so.It was a fairly large audience,and I don’t know whether it was just to see me go or it was a mere coincidence.Well,I … Continue reading

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Don’t tell me nuthin’. All men are dogs. tsk

Over the next couple of months,I will be writing about issues you wish you knew about men. You see,a lot of ‘truths’ you think you have about the menfolk are actually myths.You know why? Because they have been passed on … Continue reading

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bird poop

Yesterday I was humbly taking my walk through my leafy neighborhood when I felt something cool.No.Cold on my head. I looked up,and then I Couldn’t see any more,well for the next four minutes.Then I wondered,when they talk about blessings flowing … Continue reading

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